hildaHilda Glickman is a qualified nutritionist and university lecturer. For many years she taught nurses and other health professionals on the degree module Health and Disease at the UK’s Open University and still teaches there. While this was an academic course, she later decided that she wanted to help people in a more practical way.

Realizing the importance of food in preventing disease she decided to train as a nutritional therapist. She then began to practice at a health club in London and has helped hundreds of people improve their health by changing their diet. Many conditions such as digestive problems, skin conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol can be helped in this way.

Hilda is also a health writer and has written articles for journals and her book , ‘Take Breast Cancer Off the Menu’ contains the most up-to-date information on how to prevent this frightening disease. She also loves giving talks, presentations and lectures on nutrition and health to the general public.

Hilda is passionate about nutrition! For most of her adult life she has been reading and researching the subject. Because of this, she is keen to bring his information to the general public in an upbeat and interesting way. Constantly searching for the latest information her aim is to bring to people everywhere the best research contained in medical and scientific journals. Her aim and passion to explain these ideas in an accessible, interesting and attractive way. She also shows people how they can easily incorporate these foods into their daily lives and make it fun to eat healthily.